A bit of bubble and a little bit more of boom

Bosse & Baum, London
23 January 2015, 7 – 9pm

Artists Rafaela Lopez and Georgia René-Worms have developed a live work Bubble-Boom: The Jeune-Fille said “a bit of bubble and a little bit more of boom”, which takes the book Premiers matériaux pour une théorie de la Jeune-Fille as a starting point.

Taking Holly Hendry’s exhibition at Bosse & Baum as a cue, the performance “Bubble Boom, the Jeune-Fille said: a bit of bubble and a little bit more of boom” proposes to shed the sweet-bitter smell of the concept of the Jeune-Fille as described in Tiqqun’s book Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl.

The construct of the Jeune-Fille came into being after the war, built by our consumer and spectacle societies. The Jeune-Fille, a superficial female character, expands and then spreads beyond gender (male / female), beyond social and cultural classes, because of the growing scale of these societies: she is the face of consumerism behind a charming and innocent mask.

The performance, as the embodiment of the Jeune-Fille, will spread insidiously in various forms, playing on all the senses of the visitors: an acidulous and repellent perfume, a soporific and lulling voice whispering cruel words, a sweet cocktail whose bitterness lives in the bottom of the glass, a literary text with political accents.