A Season in Cairo, 2024

In a game of ethereal to and fro between Paris and Cairo, political archives and fantasy images, the artist Georgia René-Worms immerses herself in an investigation in which, through the haze of Negroni, subjective intuitions and urban drift, the tutelary figures of the artistic avant-garde like Inji Efflatoun and the feminist and emancipatory struggles of the mid-twentieth century in Egypt reemerge.

This text was produced as part of the Villa Champollion 2019 residency at the French Institute in Cairo, Egypt.

Published by Adad book, Athens 2023
20x14cm, the publication is presented in a silver holographic plastic sleeve
250 copies
English, 18 P

Available: Librairie de la Fondation Ricard, Paris, Librairie O Théâtre du Rond-Point Paris, Librairie Yvon Lambert Paris, Librairie Rupture, Marseille, Librairia Rupture, Venezia, Claire De Rouen, London, Biblioteka, London, Adad Books, Athens