Georgia René-Worms, lives and works in Paris

As a curator-writer It’s work is structured around two axes: documentary – generally based on feminist figures – and narrative. There she develops an experimental writing, in the vein of new narrative.  Since 2020, and based on her personal experience, she has been reflecting on the possibility of establishing a corpus, other than that of scientific literature, to address the history of sick bodies in an emancipatory gesture. Her research and writings are conceived as life experiences in which intimacy and work interpenetrate. Her practice ranges from curating exhibitions to writing and producing installations. Her practice constantly raises the question of exposing the text and disseminating the knowledge she manipulates and produces.

His work has been deployed across residencies, exhibitions and publications at CIAP Vassivière (FR), Via Farini in Milan (IT), Centre d’Art du Parc Saint Léger (FR), Villa Champollion in Cairo (EG), Generator-40mcube (FR), Capacete (BR), Villa Arson (FR), Le confort Moderne (FR), Haus N Athens (GR), Alikinois (GR).
She was laureate of the grant of art writing in 2021 of the National Institute of Art History.

Her latest short novels focus on the history of the Marxist feminist painter Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989), Cairo Drama 2021, switch on paper, &Jose Leonilson about the queer Brazilian artist, revue critique d’art 2022. In 2023 she focused her curatorial practice on the exhibition and writing project our anarchic bodies, where each of the works is a narrative or visual form revealing different strategies of visibilization put in place by artists and authors about her experience of illness. She is working on an essay about the work of the British photographer Jo Spence.

In 2021, she co-founded the Terzo Fronte run-space, which has developed its programming to Rome and Athens

She is graduate of the Villa Arson Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art (2014) and took part in the curatorial programs of l’ Ecole du Magasin (2015) and the post-graduate program in Lyon (2017-2018).