Selfmedication, 2022

Poster produice for Lapin Canard n°50

The posters are released in editions of ten.
The first five prints are sold at 250€
the next three at 500€ and the two last at 1000€. 
Lapin-Canard is non-lucrative and remits 60% of profits to the artists.

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Selfmedication, (The Yellow Wallpaper), 2022 is an image that brings together several data related to the notions of consciousness of the sick body and the power that medicine and society can exert over it.  This image is meant to be emancipatory and puts at the center of the patient’s choice on the tools she wishes to use to accompany her in her therapeutic journey. Not without humor, Georgia René-Worms stages herself in this montage by ingesting a flowering plant with progestative medicinal virtues. In the background we see two tamata plates (ex-voto used in Orthodox Greece) representing a woman’s body in order to bring protection and healing.

In the background is a page from The Yellow Wallpaper, a short story by the author Charlotte Perkins Gilman published in 1892. The story is about Mary, a woman whose husband rents an old house for the summer so that she can rest after a perinatal depression. For treatment she is advised not to work, to eat well and to get some fresh air in order to cure the depression. The narrative illustrates the effect of lack of stimulation on the author’s mental health, her descent into psychosis through her gradual obsession with the yellow wallpaper in her room where she begins to see the patterns on the wall come to life, and sees other women prisoners like herself, held in that room. She decides to tear down the wallpaper to free the trapped women and herself.